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Hello! I'd like to apply for Moderator!
Reason for applying:
I have never been a moderator before, but I think I can help moderate the server.
Minecraft username: Anonymoususer254
Discord username: anonymous_254
Your age: 14
Time zone: EST
How long have you been playing on Gladius? (across all iterations): 19 hours and 53 minutes
Do you have previous Minecraft server staff experience: No
If you were to become Moderator and a player you consider a friend is breaking the rules after many warnings, how would you proceed?: I would give them the appropriate punishment for the rules they broke.
Please rate your activity level on a scale of 1-10: 6
This guy is probably lying
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Thanks for applying, Bacon!

At this time I am not looking for more staff, but if you keep playing you will be considered next time ^-^
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So I have been playing gladius for about roughly 20 years or so and I’ve always been a great loving meme of the gladius society. I am loved by everyone and cannot find anyone who hates me which is perfect for the role of a moderator. I am best at minecraft and building and a huge fan of rules. Another upside of being a moderator is I can get skillstats true love and affection 24/7. Skill loves hot mods. So I hope I get to be a moderator and improve the server by inviting lots of egirls and bitches.
Sincerely, winter 🎅🏿💗
'professional adventure time watcher'
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