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HI GUYS! Let's make the forums active. I will be doing a question of the month along with a picture of Dwayne Johnson.
This month's question: What is the best console/gaming device and why?
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i support this notion. Council dismissed.
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Good question. I can't speak for current generation consoles since I have none, but I think SNES ruled it's era like no console before or after.

Chrono Trigger alone makes the console fun in modern times, IMO :)
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all consoles are trash, pc cult on top
except wii kinda alright
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edgar: battle plz, no nasty plot, or sword dance, or dragon dance, and u HAVE TO LET me set up bellyzard, and no taunt, or heracross, and NO WEAVILE, and no substitute, unless I have it. And don't use that many attacks and NO ROAR, or WHIRLWIND. AND IF IM GOING TO LOSE, then quit the fight.
toys r us more like glad i us
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