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Hello! I'd like to apply for Moderator!
Reason for applying:
I am constantly available as I currently have zero social life with the outside world. I know gladius and i also have an expertise when it comes to discovering whos mod abusing. Refer to 5k strip mine for further information. Im also Scottish which is bonus points for diversifying your work staff :) I also am very good at figuring out whos cheating i had an excellent ban collection previously as mod before i kinda abused that power.
Minecraft username: Emeraldhig
Discord username: emeraldhig
Your age: 22
Time zone: Scottish :)
How long have you been playing on Gladius? (across all iterations): August 2014 maths is hard like 7-8 years
Do you have previous Minecraft server staff experience: Yes on Gladius :) And have ran my own lil mini java server for irl friends applying plugins etc
If you were to become Moderator and a player you consider a friend is breaking the rules after many warnings, how would you proceed?: 1 warning then yer out ya bitch
Please rate your activity level on a scale of 1-10: id say im pretty active and can be online whenever so like an 8
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I thought you’d never ask
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