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Hello! I'd like to apply for Moderator!
Reason for applying:
You should choose me to become staff because I have experience being staff before. And bring a lot of things to the table like the ability to use mostly all plugins well and I know how to fix things if a dupe / bug is found. I also have a lot of experience strength testing the server and finding exploitable bugs that could be detrimental if found by they wrong people. I also am very active in the chat and know how to let people have the great experience that I had when I first joined a minecraft server that makes you want to stay.
Minecraft username: Killerbird09
Discord username: Killerbird09
Your age: 17
Time zone: Eastern Standard Time
How long have you been playing on Gladius? (across all iterations): About two months.
Do you have previous Minecraft server staff experience: I have tons of experience in all positions. I have owned a server before, been manager on one and developer one multiple. As well as admin and moderator on a bunch. I know how to use all common plugin commands, eg; Anti cheats, World Edit, World Guard etc.
If you were to become Moderator and a player you consider a friend is breaking the rules after many warnings, how would you proceed?: It depends on what rule they were breaking. If it's something minor like spamming I would give 2 warnings and then mute. But if it's something major like hacking or Doxxing I would ban them no questions asked.
Please rate your activity level on a scale of 1-10: Currently I would rate my activity a solid 7.
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As much as I think we have enough mods, I do think you should be mod because of how much time you spend finding exploits for us to fix <3
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i think maybe you should consider killing urself.

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